August Announcements

With August rapidly approaching, we’ve been putting our heads together to come up with some pretty fun filled classes. Swing dancing is a very social dance – and this month we’re focussing on getting you prepped (or even *more* comfortable) with dancing with anyone and everyone.

The Essentials class will be open to you Foundations students who have been to a few rotations and want to develop some great lead and follow techniques.

This month’s Specialty class is aimed at those of you who can already social dance but want to get a little more out of your dancing – so you can have that “WOW” dance.

6.30 Foundations Kara Bryce 8count / Teacher’s Choice
7.30 Essentials Kara Bryce The Ins and Outs of Leading and Following
8.30 Specialty Helen Graeme Danceability & Musicality

Hot August Jazz is being held again on the 26th August in North Hobart. It is a jam packed Sunday filled with live JAZZ! Yes… that’s right. A whole day of LIVE JAZZ! We’ll have more details soon – but we’ll be tailoring a few classes to the art of dancing faster, smaller and flashier than normal. Keep an eye on our week-to-week announcements.

Posted on July 27th 2012 in FootNotes